The Hunt.


Every Enthusiast starts to dream at some point.

You are driving to little meets and big car shows, watching Instagram, and start to save money.

There are things which you want to own in several forms! One day i decided to build something which is not that hard to build, because i am not an pro mechanic and i do not have a car related job. I am just an enthusiast, no more or less.

There had been so many impulses which blowed my mind, but the actual prizes made it not happen. I do not want to spend my heavily earned and saved money thrush away for some rusty cars only because they are hyped at the moment, but still not worth it.

The ideas i had started at all cylinder figures in n/a to all cylinder figures with forced induction. Through all Brands and all layouts. From hatchback to wagon, from limo to coup‘. I red threads about cars and crashed my plans, starting by zero. I really had no idea what to do.

I searched for about 8 months for a car which fits my ideas and of course my budget.

One thing was clear to me. It is not allowed to be younger as 1990!

You look around, right?



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