I bought a car.


One day, it literally flew in my garage.

It was cheap and the outside of it was not the prettiest but i do not care about it anyways. Because i had an idea in mind and it stayed there and was not thrown away like all the other ideas i had before. I bought him without seeing it before, per call.

It is an Audi A3, 1999 model, 1.8T with 310.000km which is around 192.000 Miles. It has the AGU Engine which is famous for having big ports in it´s head.

You heard right, threehundredtenthousand! And it runs very well. No knuckles and ticks, no smoke or steam. Only the valve cover was a bit wet. That was it! The gearbox felt good and made no sounds or was hard to shift. The synchromesh ring were still intact too.

Attentive readers will realize that i wrote in the first post that it should not be a car which is younger than 1990.

So, this car will not be the end of the hunt.

The moment i had the car in my garage was awesome. Finally i can start the project!


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