As soon as i had it in my garage I started to strip that ride. I do not care about its outside substance, the paint, dents or whatever.

I never stripped a car before and there are little twists and tweaks which i never heard of. But I just started „we will see what happens“ i thought. There were some very easy to remove parts like the entire front bumper and the radiator-core support frame which was gone in a few minutes. I had removed this parts before at an VW Polo 6R and it was like four times the time i needed at the Audi.

But of course there are parts that were not as close easy to remove like the front. Parts like the dashboard and the center console, especially the center console i did not get out in one intact piece. And there were some crusty-rusty bolts and screws which do not want to come off. Like the driveshaft nut on wheel side. That was a bitch! The nuts and bolts for the wheel hub housing – dude i was swearing myself to hell! Fiddly things like the steering post (the little bolt under the steeringwheel) made me angry but with the help of google i got it out!

Important to me was to strip out everything which has a certain value on the used parts market or parts i need for my project. Everything else i will just leave it in there. There are many parts where you need to wrench around a long time, in hope to get a few bucks for it. And the selling had to be fast because i have not much space available so i need to make the best out of it.

As soon as i started stripping, i offered all things at Ebay-Kleinanzeigen (eBay smallads) which is something like craigslist in the US or gumtree in the UK.

The engine i kept for myself, the rest is sold or still online!


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