Down to the Block

After I stripped out all the parts i need, I started to strip down the motor to the bare block.

There were no big surprises and I – as a not trained or educated technician found it easy to strip it all down. There is definitely no reason for being scared of it. Actually it was very big fun to do it because it is done in a few hours, you lean stuff quickly and you see the result immediately .

I am sorry for the crappy photos. I have shot better once but my SD card errors and they are gone so i use more content from my iPhone. It is not what i wanted but i have to go with that right now.

First i stripped the external components like the exhaust manifold, intakte, the wiring, the turbo, fuel lines, oil lines etc. You should have good tools for that. Especially you should have some hexagonal sockets. I had only hex keys which complicated things because you can not bring enough torque on that and you might wear down the screws and bolts before you get them out.

Exhaust manifold.
It is common that the exhaust manifolds on 1.8t´s would crack between cylinder 2 and 3 because of the heat. Mine was not cracked at all. That was a good sign.

The Turbo.
The Turbos are one of the issues you might have. Especially with the high miler cars you commonly find almost blown turbos with huge amounts of oil in it and with axial play as hell. Mine had not feel-able axial play and after a quick clean it looks pretty good. I do not use it any more because it is a small K03 which is too small for the power i want to get out of this motor.

Actually I think the manifold and the turbo were replaced by someone else because it was just too good for that mileage.

The Intake.
The Intake is in pretty good nick. Cleaned it and it looks like new. There is one connection for a hose broken but it is an easy fix and i am going to sell it for just a few bucks. It is the big port version which is which is liked to get better flow.

There will be a post about the internals and the block itself soon. Now that is the point where i am right now.

If you have any questions feel free to ask! I will help as good as i can.


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