Parts worn out?

After stripping the external components i went to get the internals out of the block.

And man, this engine was dirty inside. Dirt is an indicator for worn out cams, bearing shells etc. So I was not that confident any more.

As I got all the internals out, it was not as bad as i thought. Of course there will be some marks and some things not as good as new but since i stripped outside things all crusty and dirty and saw the oil slime.. yeah my thoughts were that i bought an almost dead engine. But it was all „ok“-good.

Let´s start from the top of the motor.

The spark plugs were ok. If not the car would show some errors in the computer. It did not so no problems with ignition at all.

The injectors were optically good. I cleaned them to see more in detail. I can not do a flow test because first it is not possible without special instruments and machines and second it is not worth it, i need to do bigger injectors in it.


Camshafts and bearing shells. The camshafts were a bit „used“. You clearly can see the marks and the push marks where they running over the hydros and the grinding pressure is supplied. A friend of mine said without measuring in the cams, he would say there are run in.


Additional to these pressure grind marks, on the intake side there a little holes in the surface. This is uncommon because on the intake side is not as much heat as on the  outlet side. Maybe the engine had an oil pressure problem or more dirt on the intake side. No one knows the facts.


The hydro lifters were in good condition. They were full of oil and worked until i opened the motor. They had a bit of grind marks on the top too, but it´s common and nothing you have to think about it. But if the engine is open you should replace them anyways.


The chains and spanners you should always replace, and there is no difference between driving stock power or tune it. Just do it.

The head itself looked good. It was dirty and shit but after i wiped it off just to work on it in a cleaner way it looks very good. There are no cracks in it which can happen fast (between the valves). It is a common problem but lucky me. The valves looked good to, there were no blow by marks and no unusual „coal“ on it.


All right. So the next thing was the pistons. They were okay but i am glad i did not just leave them in there, remap the motor and put a bigger turbo on it and that it. Few people do it like that but this is not my philosophy. The pistons had the typical penny-big scratch marks at the skirts and this repeated on all four pistons.

Piston 3 has a scratch mark on the explosion ring. On the top of all 4 pistons were some burning residues. So nothing bad at all. No holes, no cracks, nothing.


The piston bearing shells are used but in ok condition. There were no feel-able play but you can see that they had grind marks. For stock power no problem, for more power it will be a problem in the future.


The crankshaft was a clear case. It´s been used. There are deep marks in it and it has to be polished if I want to use it in the future. The main bearings showed the same image. There were marks in it too and that is a slight sign of bad oil and too much play in it. Thank good I opened it so there is no further damage and no damage at maybe new parts i will add.

Well, I am confident and it was not that bad. It is in fact in good condition if you set the price performance. That was it for the internals. Make sure you stay with me and be prepared for the next steps.

As always: I am not a pro, i am doing that for fun and to learn a bit more. If you have any question write a comment, write a message and i will answer soon.







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