Block´s worn out?

With an milage this high you might ask some questions for the parts, however almost none questions were about the block itself. I mean as a usual consumer you see what you get and the small percentage of the consumers want to see the engine inside especially not if the need to do hell of a work with it and need space and tools and time.

So here is what i can say about my specific Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat Motor which was in from 1999 and run about 310.000 km which is about 190.000 Miles.

Let´s start from the outside.
There are two remarkable sides of the engine. The side A which is the side you look at if you open the hood. This is the side which get´s all the weather, all the dirt, salt, dust from the road – you name it, it had been there a time in it´s life.

So that is the side which is often more corroded and crusty and dirty and not the best looking thing in the world. It was really grouse! I used parts cleaner or cold cleaner and wiped the most of the dirt off. After i removed the dirt i could see all the corrosion. It was really bad so i decided to get the corrosion off with an electric wire brush and kinda like seal it with WD40 until it goes to the engine builder. Of course it will not be like that forever.

Inside the Block.
I prepared for the worst! But bare in mind it did not smoke, it did not steam, it ran pretty smooth so it could not be that bad at all and it was not.

Well, the milage is high for a motor with just 1.8 liter capacity. You can see some worn out areas in there like this:

The little dot you can see on the right side (the black thing) is a spot where the cross cut hat completely gone and the piston rings polished the area. This is very very common on all VW´s 1.8t engines. It can be in all four cylinders sometimes it is just one.

But on all other areas of the cylinder wall it looked like this:


Which is pretty awesome! You can see the cross cut is very visual and deep. That is a sign for a good healthy motor. Now the not seeable but feel-able things I found out. On the picture you can see the crosscut and on top there is a black ring which in fact is the compression area. From factory there is no feel-able transition. But now you can definitely feel there is a difference. It feels lie the compression area is thicker as the piston-run area. Maybe it´s deposit of the explosions. I have no idea but will find out.

That´s it for the engine disassembly. The parts will go to the remachining soon. After this is done i will update of course!

As usual: if you guys have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with me! Write a message, comment at twitter, instagram or email me.




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