Forged MoFo´s.

The Project needs quality parts. They do not need to be expensive – because the price will never be an indicator for quality. To me it is important that the motor internals are strong and reliable.

So we have Rods, the Block and the Head are in progress – what´s next?

Pistons! Of course you need some good pistons. They need to be forged, light, strong and good engineered – for a small bunch of money. So I bought Wiseco Pistons.

They are exactly what I need for the amount of power I want to get and the amount of money I want to spend. I bought them in 81,5mm bore and compression ratio 8.5:1.The comp-ratio is a bit lower as stock but i can add more boost to the system and it is less stressful in no boost situations.
They come with all rings you need and one 20mm piston pin per piston.

Here you can see the visual differences between the Wiseco Forged Pistons and the Stock Mahle Pistons.

For any questions write an comment or an email – you can use the contact-form too. I wish you and your family´s happy eastern!


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